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so a forgettable moment is being turned into a fund-raising opportunity for senator marco rubio, the florida republican. you know he sort of awkwardly paused during his state of the union response tuesday night to take a quick swig from a water bottle. everyone has seen it now. but this is smart. now his political action committee, reclaim america, is selling marco rubio water bottles. if you want one, it will cost you a $25 donation. i think that is brilliant. >> it is. it's a great way to turn that into a winning moment. >> and make some money to boot. >> that's "early start." >> "starting point with soledad o'brien starts right now. welcome, everybody. new overnight, a major jolt to the sports world. olympian and double amputee
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oscar pistorius' girlfriend has been shot and killed in pistorius' home. we're live with developing details this morning. then the cruise from hell is almost over. we've got live reports from the skytraking the ship's slow progress as it makes its way to shore. new information in the case of accused killer christopher dorner. the hostages he reportedly tied up at gunpoint speaking out overnight for the first time. and a massive airline merger this morning. u.s. airways and american airlines will join forces to create the world's largest airline. i will tell you what it means for your frequent flier miles and for your fares. among our guests this morning, two moms who have got young daughters on that carnival cruise ship that's now stranded in the golf. also we'll talk to ariana williams, a former girl friend of christopher dorner. and former l.a. police chief bill bratton will join us. richard simmons is with us and westminster's best in show winner, banana joe, is with us.
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"starting point" starts right now. welcome, everybody. we start with breaking news this morning. there's been a deadly shooting at the home of the blade runner, track superstar oscar pistorius. his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp, shot and killed in pistorius' home. police say there is a 26-year-old man in custody and that man has been charged with murder. they have not yet confirmed, though, that that man is pistorius, although we should note pistorius is 26 years old and that he and steenkamp apparently were the only ones in the house at the time of the murder. we've also learned moments ago that there were previous incidents of a domestic nature at the home. that comes to us from authorities this morning. we have a reporter outside the pistorius home who is joining us by phone. what can you tell us about the very latest of this case? >> reporter: i'm actually joining you from the
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magistrate's court in south africa where we're expecting the 26-year-old that was arrested by the police in connection to this murder to appear here. the police, as you said, not confirming that this 26-year-old is oscar pistorius. but this is in relation to the murder of oscar pistorius' girlfriend in oscar pistorius' home in the early hours of this morning. we know that the 26-year-old has been charged with murder and the police are saying that they're going to be opposing bail, soledad. >> so we're waiting on confirmation of that. there have been reports of incidents of a domestic nature. can you tell us more about that between pistorius and his girlfriend apparently? >> reporter: well, at this moment what i can tell you is there had been rumors for a couple of years now about possible violence in relation to oscar pistorius and his
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girlfriend. there have also been media reports of wild partying, et cetera. police today confirming that there have been previous reports of a domestic nature. not reports where oscar pistorius was charged and convicted that we know of. so at this moment it is reports that the police have actually confirmed, which would be very, very disturbing for south africans to hear because when we woke up this morning, a lot of people just assumed that oscar pistorius was possibly trying to defend himself against an intruder, somebody that he mistook as an intruder because of high crime levels in this country. people are very nervous all the time and many people carry guns to protect themselves. but that was the assumption in the morning. but for the police to now say that there have been reports of previous domestic violence at oscar pistorius' home, this will be disturbing for many south africans. but we will await and hear what
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the bail hearing -- what comes out of the bail hearing because the police will have to show the court that they believe that oscar pistorius should not be released on what grounds. it should be interesting. >> she is monitoring this developing story for us this morning. thanks, appreciate that. another developing story we're watching is this nightmare carnival cruise ship that continues to float in the gulf of mexico. it's slowly chugging its way back into an alabama port. it's being pulled by tugs now. passengers have described the conditions on board as just disgusting. sewage is leaking into the rooms. the carpet is soaked with urine, the stench so bad people have to leave their rooms and sleep on the decks of the ship. there's no air conditioning and a lack of food too. david mattingly is live in mobile, alabama, where the ship is headed. it's called the triumph. how far away is the triumph now to where you are in mobile? >> reporter: well, according to the u.s. coast guard they're probably less than 50 miles away
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from mobile right now. that might sound pretty close, but it's probably going to feel like an eternity before they get here. there was a flurry of activity last night with helicopters delivering new supplies to the ship and some new generators, so that sort of implies that they might have some means to have more electricity on board and everyone to have perhaps more food and more water before they get here. but once they do arrive here, that's when things are going to start moving relatively quickly for the 3100 passengers on board. here the plans have already been made to have buses waiting for them to take them back to their cars in galveston, texas, so they can drive right home tonight if they want to or they can take them to a hotel where you can bet there will be plenty of people anxious to get to that first hot shower they have had in quite some time. you think about this, soledad, this ship was supposed to arrive in galveston, texas, on sunday. they're now 500 miles off course
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and five days overdue. >> or they could take them right to the lawyer's office because i imagine there will be people suing carnival cruises after this. we're going to be talking to some of the parents who have kids on board that ship. also talk to some of the folks in alabama, how they're planning to acalm date those now 4,000 people who have to be exhausted and tired and a little furious as they come on land in the next little bit. also this morning, new information about the manhunt for christopher dorner. you remember the rogue ex-cop who apparently died after burning in a cabin after this nine-day reign of terror through los angeles and california. it looks like dorner may have been hiding in fact for several days in a nearby resort condo located just steps away from the police command post that had been set up to find him. the unit belonged to jim and karen reynolds. the couple says that they were the ones who were taken hostage, it wasn't their housekeepers. here's how they describe coming
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face-to-face with dorner. >> when he jumped out and hollered "stay calm," karen screamed, turned and started running and he ran after her. he caught her about the door. >> on the staircase. >> on the staircase and brought her back. >> he had his gun drawn the whole time. >> he had the gun drawn showing with the -- >> did you know it was him? >> yes. >> oh, yes, as soon as i saw him. >> he talked to us, trying to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. >> he had some plastic ties, great big tie and he made us put our hands behind our back and he tied our hands. he made us get up and walk into the back bedroom back there. first he had us lay on the bed and cross our feet. then he changed his mine and had me lay on the floor, lay flat and cross my feet and he bound those with the plastic tie again and he pulled the hands real tight so you couldn't move and cut my circulation off. started going numb immediately. >> nick valencia is live for us in big bear lake. lots of questions, i think,
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nick, about how police have conducted this entire operation from start to finish. walk me through some of those questions. >> reporter: well, the blatant lingering question at hand is how they could have missed him. we're right here outside of the first command post for the san bernardino's police department and it's literally under 100 yards from where christopher dorner was allegedly staying in this cabin. i want to give you a sense of what we're looking at. it's not that cabin right here in front, this is a condo complex of cabins. it's the one immediately right behind there. i just took a walk back there. if you walk up there, you can see that that cabin leads right into the woods so it seems to be a very calculated decision on chris dorner's part to set up shop there. you may ask the question as well, soledad, if he's an expert marksman and has training in weapons and is a good shot, why he didn't take a shot if he was so close to the command post. from the vantage point up there, you couldn't really see and get a clear shot of where the command post was, so we can only
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speculate that's why he didn't act on his intentions that he listed in his manifesto. >> nick valencia watching this story for us as well. thanks, nick, appreciate it. we'll talk to ariana williams, donor are's ex-girlfriend and describes how he was when the two of them were together. first john berman has a look at some of the other stories making news this morning. >> don't expect to see pope benedict xvi in public once he steps down at the end of the month. the pope speaking to priests from the rome diocese in the last hour telling them he will remain hidden to the world once he leaves his post. he will withdraw into prayer, he says. students and staff at a decatur, georgia, preschool will have their game faces on when president obama comes to visit today. the students are actually on their winter break, but the principal e-mailed parents asking them to mimic a normal school day for this visit. the president will outline his plan announced during his state of the union for national access to prekindergarten classes. new pictures of the 6-year-old alabama boy who was abducted and held for six days
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in an underground bunker. this is ethan, spending time with his mother at alabama governor robert bentley's office. and in a new interview, jennifer kirkland tells dr. phil that despite the smiling photos you just saw, her son is acutely aware of what happened to his abductor and his bus driver. she also explains why she thinks jimmy lee dykes, took care and even cooked for her son. >> i think he took care of ethan to the best of his capabilities. >> why do you think that is? i mean he stormed the bus, he shot and killed a man. >> i was told in the beginning that he is sympathetic to children with disabilities. when he found out that ethan was autistic and took medication, i believe that's why he started caring and letting ethan have the things that he was letting him have. >> there was one particularly heart-wrenching moment when dr. phil asked ethan about riding the bus to school. ethan whispered to his mother, my bus driver is dead.
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very sad. >> so it could be the second most famous phantom bunch ever. a boxer has been suspended for allegedly taking a dive 13 seconds into a fight against former nfl defensive end ray edwards. see this for yourself, check it out. the phantom upper cut misses his much-smaller opponent. he misses by a foot here. but the guy sells it, knocking himself off of his own feet. reports say turbo tax was a last-minute replacement for a couple of no-show boxers. north dakota's fight governing body is now reviewing this fight. yes indeed. i would say they are. he was like this far off. >> and he jumps and does fall. well, she dated christopher dorner when he was working with the los angeles police department. tells us that he was stressed about work and often paranoid. this morning we'll talk to ariana williams and she'll discuss her relationship with dorner. what he was he really like. also there's big news this
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welcome back, everybody. this morning for the first time we're hearing from the couple that christopher dorner took hostage. it turns out that it wasn't a cleaning crew but owners of the rental cabin. they told reporters about their encounter with dorner. >> he had said i just want to clear my name. >> he said that quite a few times. he said i don't have a problem with you. i just want to clear my name. >> the question of course remains how could christopher dorner swing from calm to murderer potentially. let's get some insight on him from ariana williams. she dated christopher dorner five years ago. it's nice to have you with us.
4:17 am
you dated back in 2006, a little more than five years ago. tell me a little bit about what you first thought when you heard that he was the suspect in this manhunt? >> i think any time you hear something of this nature and this extreme, it's a shock. and i mean i was just as much in shock probably as the next person and it was just like it threw me for a loop. >> but did you think i'm shocked but i expected it or was it i'm shocked, he could never have done something like this? >> i'm shocked. i sort of expected it. i can't tell you i said this would never happen. when you see signs of someone's behavior and the manner that sort of like stress-induced type behavior also, i think coupled with maybe how their personality already is, i think it makes it easier to understand why something like this could possibly happen. >> what kind of signs were you seeing that would lead you later to think it was not such a stunning development? >> well, i think just a lot of on the job stress, and i think
4:18 am
maybe his beliefs and his values about how cops should behave and just hearing a little bit at that time about how he was a little bit stressed out at work. >> did he talk to you specifically about it? did he say there's this incident or this is happening at work? what did he tell you? what was stressing him out? >> just -- where he was assigned to, the harbor division and the lapd is a very tough beat to be assigned to. there's a lot of crime there, a lot of drugs and gang activity and whatnot. i think with him sort of being a rookie still at that point it was a lot for him to take in and really deal with. >> what was he like when you were dating? obviously he describing in the manifesto how proficient he is with weapons. were those in your life a lot? >> it's a known fact at this point. he would come over to my house and sometimes there would be firearms laying around. i just attribute that to him being a peace officer and protecting himself at that time, you know. >> when you say laying around, what do you mean? >> there would just be like a
4:19 am
firearm in the kitchen, there would be one by the bed. i guess just maybe for easier access in case something happened. >> because you lived in a tough neighborhood? >> that's what was very interesting about it. i lived in a very secure building at that time. a lot of security, a lot of cameras, so kind of didn't understand that part of it. >> you eventually would break up. i think you're the one who put him on don't date him, right? >> yes, that's true. >> that's a website i should tell people for once you date someone and you want to warn other women, you put them up there. what was your issue you thought other women should be warned against dating him? >> just in general the fluctuation of his behavior, the swinging from the highs to the lows. the extreme narlt ture of his personality and there was never an even-keeled nature about him. >> were you afraid of him? >> not really afraid. i just don't need to be around this person. something is just not right. it just didn't sit right with me. >> were you afraid while the manhunt was under way?
4:20 am
>> oh, yes. >> you thought you might be a target? >> yes, i did. and you know i spoke out about it while he was at large and while the whole incident was unfolding on television. it was just -- it was very scary. and, you know, i made a decision to speak out because if anything had happened to me, i'd want my family to at least have an idea about maybe who it was and sort of for me staying silent would have been for me in my mind, okay, they would have never known what happened to me. at the end of the day i wasn't in the manifesto, i wasn't singled out or named in it. it was still scary though. >> i think the big question for many people is why. the manifesto is this thick document with sort of every grievance from childhood but his career ending. why did he -- what happened? >> like i said, i think when you have a profession where you worked your whole life to really obtain something, that level of success, and i think when you go
4:21 am
into that environment where everyone else is not maybe lined up with the way you believe and the way you think, after, you know, time, you could -- the stress could probably wear on you. i don't think it's in any way justifiable, someone going out and killing anyone because they're stressed out at work. there are ways and outlets of releasing stress. chris unfortunately was one of those people he bottled up a lot of his emotions and wasn't very good at expressing himself. >> he didn't have close friends? he didn't talk to his mom? >> i believe he did have a good relationship with his mother and some of his close friends, but even, i think, in the manifesto he lists how he just sort of alienated himself from everyone towards the end. >> did he think he was better than everyone else? that manifesto is so narcissistic, isn't it? >> completely. everything is i was always the best and somehow i was done wrong. >> i mentioned that yesterday. one time i think maybe sort of as a light note -- i kind of have to laugh about something in this or else it makes you a
4:22 am
little crazy in your mind. but he would do little lraps an say i'm chris, i'm the man or in joking or in passing talking and be referring to something in the military that he did an exercise or he accomplished something and it's like he was very much, you know, proud, overly proud of things that he was doing or he had done in the past. >> so many lies in this thing. thanks for coming in to talk with us. we appreciate your insight on this. some business news to get to as two major airlines announced just about half an hour ago that they're merging and will create together the world's largest airline. will the deal that joins american and u.s. airways also raise ticket prices for us? our "starting point" team is heading in to talk about that and much more this morning. we're back in just a moment. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. our team this morning, lou palumbo is back with us. he was working in nassau county, new york. kim mance is a correspondent for "forbes "forbes." mark orwoll. first we want to talk with business news with christine. >> big, big development for two major airlines. u.s. airways and american have said they will merge. this is an $11 billion deal to create the world's largest airline. u.s. airways will maintain its corporate presence in phoenix. here's some pictures of the new planes. they have the artwork all figured out. the number one question, will it lead to higher fares? most experts are saying no. that's largely because there's not a lot of overlap between
4:27 am
u.s. airways and american. look at where their hubs are. you can see it's spread out all over the country. this gives american more of a presence in the northeast. still the deal gives customers with fewer choices. there will now be four major carriers. travel expert mark murphy says mergers are the norm because making money in the airline industry is not easy. >> airlines can't keep operating at a loss. i mean american airlines has lost billions of dollars. that's not a sustainable business model. >> american airlines of course is in bankruptcy right now. the deal will need a bankruptcy judge to approve it. also regulatory and shareholder approval. ahead this morning we're going to talk a little more about that cruise ship that's been stuck in the gulf of mexico about 50 miles from shore right now. we're going to hear from a woman who's going to be there to greet the ship's nearly 4,000 passengers. imagine if that's your job. also suing over a c. a college student says she needs more than a million bucks in a lawsuit because that grade ruined her professional career. does she have a case at all?
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching "starting point." that crippled carnival ship that's been stuck in the gulf of mexico is expected to arrive in mobile, alabama, today to let off nearly 3,000 passengers and more than a thousand crew members. you'll remember they have been stranded since an engine fire set the cruise ship adrift several days ago. phone calls and messages to family members describe the conditions there as absolutely disgusting. so preparations are now under way in mobile to accommodate all those folks, 4,000 people once they get off that ship. sheila is helping organize those efforts and she's the alabama cruise terminal general manager. it's nice to talk to you. so you've got to imagine 4,000 angry people coming off the ship in a little while. they're hungry. they have been living in disgusting conditions, including out and out sewage on their ship.
4:32 am
what is your plan to deal with this? >> well, we're hoping that we can make it a little more pleasurable for them when they get inside the terminal. we have it set up like a cruise terminal. we'll have some warm food and some drinks and things in there for them, a clean environment, and hope we can make it a little more pleasurable for them. we're doing the best we can. >> go ahead, i'm sorry for interrupting you. >> that's okay. mobile has jumped up there and there's been so many donations and all of the vendors in mobile have come out wholeheartedly to support this. the mayor of mobile, mayor sam jones, has just jumped in there and done everything we can through the city to support this. >> wow, that's great news. >> we've had so many people to
4:33 am
support this. hat's such great news because i would imagine these are 4,000 people who really need that support. what kinds of donations are you ke getting? what are people in the community offering up for the people coming off the ship? >> well, christkrispy kreme is thing in the south. so they're bringing ningz and coca-cola is bringing drinks in. there's a lot of people but we're going to have a kate e can with hot food. and carnival has stepped up the pace and brought in a lot of -- they're the ones bringing in the hot food. carnival is doing everything they can. i say everything they can to make it a pleasurable experience once they get there. >> they haven't eaten hot food or good food in a little while.
4:34 am
do you have medical folks coming in as well? especially i would imagine for people who are elderly and for people who are disabled on that ship, you know, there have got to be some serious -- potentially serious problems either unfolding on on their way to unfolding? >> well, i've been told by carnival that all their medical needs have been met. but as a standard, and i will say this, as a standard for seven years when i had a ship here by carnival, i always, always had emts here from the mobile fire and rescue here in mobile, and that is a standard thing i do. i will have them here today and tonight. that is not something that i'm doing as a special thing. i always have them here. so they will be here. >> let me ask you a question. where will the passengers actually be staying and how long do you expect most of them will be in mobile? >> there's so much noise around you.
4:35 am
>> i have a train passing by. >> let me repeat that. where exactly will the passengers be staying once they get off the ship and where do you expect to host them in mobile. >> can you say that once again. >> what mark was asking you is so where will they stay? they come into mobile, where do they go? will you host them in mobile or do they go off to other places? >> well, carnival has set all that up and i really can't say where they're staying. they set up a lot of hotels for some and flights, flights to go back home. but i really don't know where they have got them staying. >> it will be interesting to see how it all turns out. thank you for talking with us this morning. her job is to greet the 4,000 people coming off that ship. that is going to be a tough gig today for sure. appreciate your time, though, thanks. coming up at the top of the hour, we'll take a look at the ship from the sky.
4:36 am
we're going to talk with some live team coverage as well as this thing comes steaming in. i do not envy her job today. can you imagine those folks? on one hand so happy to be coming off the ship. >> limping in. >> a little southern hospitality right about now sounds pretty good. >> this thing has taken a long, long time. >> krispy kremes can go a long way to making you feel better. >> i think those were sent by carnival. >> i think krispy kremes and counterterrorism $100 bills is what carnival will have to pass out. >> people in interviews say they don't think what's been offered has been far enough so it will be interesting to hear the very first i'm assuming lawsuits that will come out of this and what grounds people could take action on. other stories making news. updating you on a breaking news story, a deadly shooting at the home of south african track star oscar pistorius. his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp,
4:37 am
shot multiple times and killed. we just received this picture of pistorius leaving the police station. he's covered up in that gray wind breaker. a spokesperson for pistorius said he is, quote, assisting police with the investigation. they have no further comments, though. police are not confirming that the 26-year-old suspect they have charged with murder is pistorius. pistorius is 26, though, keep that in mind. what we do know is that pistorius and his girlfriend were the only two people at the home at the time of the shooting, and police say there is only one suspect in the case and there was no evidence of any kind of forced entry. a video of a vicious beating in newark, new jersey, has gone viral on youtube and three men are in custody this morning. we want to warn you, this may be hard to watch. the suspects are shown stripping the victim, spraying him with water and whipping him with a belt some 50 times. police say the assault was over a $20 debt owed by the victim's father. newark's mayor and a lot of people are outraged. >> we do not tolerate this level
4:38 am
of cruelty, of callous disregard for the dignity of humanity. we do not tolerate this viciousness. we do not tolerate this kind of evil in our community. >> newark police say all three suspects are affiliated with gangs. the impact of sequestration debated on capitol hill this morning at a senate committee hearing. automatic budget cuts are set to kick in march 1st. cabinet members will weigh in on the impact those cuts will have on their respective departments. janet napolitano already on the record. she says staffing levels of border patrol agents will have to be cut, passenger waiting times at airports will increase because of reductions to the tsa workforce and funding for fema would have to be slashed by $1 billion. so take a look at this. not one, but two sinkholes have swallowed up part of this park in albany, georgia. this is about 180 miles south of atlanta. nearby workers say one of the sinkholes started at a mere 8 inches in size before it exploded to this.
4:39 am
that's huge! they're likely caused by a whole lot of rain recently. a pennsylvania judge scolding both sides in a lawsuit over a c plus grade saying it was regrettable that the case is in court, but he let it keep going, rejecting lehigh university's request to have the case tossed out. a graduate filed a $1.3 million civil suit accusing professors of conspiring to hold her back after she complained about sbaernshian internship. she said one of them targeted her about her position on same-sex marriage. the university says she received the c plus grade for behaving unprofessionally in class. c plus, suing. >> how do you behave unprofessionally when you're a student in a class? >> they say she broke down crying once and they say she shouted obscenities in class. that's what they say she did in class. that's unprofessional. >> but your grade -- >> how is that affiliated with your grade? >> it was because -- i can
4:40 am
answer that. the grade she was given, she got a zero on class participation. so if you're not behaving -- >> she participated, just badly. >> the university says, you know, she was behaving badly. >> it's too bad it went this far, but the judge didn't throw it out. he said it was regrettable but didn't throw it out. did you hear the story about the golfer that was bitten by a black widow spider, decided to take matters into her own hands and finished off the round anyway. the details in today's bleacher report which is coming up next. then he was against some tough competition dogwise but banana joe proved that he was is the top dog. westminster best in show will join us live ahead. [ female announcer ] born from the naturally sweet monk fruit, something this delicious could only come from nature. now from the maker of splenda sweeteners,
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welcome back, everybody.
4:44 am
so here's an incredible story. a professional female golfer bitten by a black widow spider while she was on the golf course. she carried on, though, didn't stop. used the golf tee to dig out the venom and finished the round. joe carter has some details for us in today's bleacher report. what? >> isn't that the plan from the start? i mean you don't want to stop midround and go to the hospital. yeah, that golf tee, which costs a mere few cents to make may have saved her life. daniellea holmquist felt a sharp pain in her ankle while she was playing. she looked down and saw a black widow spider. her leg began to swell, the pain became severe. rather than quit and go to the hospital, which most of us would have done, she used a golf tee to cut open the wound and squeeze out all the venom. not only did she survive, she ended up finishing her round. she's one tough cookie. the nba has suspended the orlando magic's turkoglu 20 games for using steroids. after the news broke, turkoglu
4:45 am
released a statement saying he was given a medication by a trainer when trying to heal from an injury. what's refreshing is he did not try to deflect the blame for his positive steroid test. he says he does take full responsibility for what goes into his body. his suspension started last night against the hawks. duke's head coach mike krzyzewski got what i'm sure he was asking for on his 66th birthday, a win over his biggest rival, north carolina. unc unranked right now hung with the second-ranked blue devils for most of the game until duke's two stars got hot. the blue devils have now won six straight games and have beaten north carolina six out of the last eight times. for all your entertaining sports news, go to soledad, one word comes to mind when i think about the girl, awesome. awesome. >> i would have just left the round, honestly. gotten to the hospital. a little mcgiverish.
4:46 am
so he is the big winner at westminster, banana joe is going to join us up next. hi, guys, congratulations. this week on the next list meade ed lechltw. he's building a space telescope. he said it's going to protect the earth from asteroids. >> this is the space telescope. >> that's it? that's the size of it there? >> yeah. the real one is about the size of, say, a delivery truck so it's about 23, 24 feet tall. and 2, 600 pounds. >> in over a six and a half year period it will scan earth's orbit and map all the asteroids across the orbit because those are the asteroids that could hit us. so it's going to track about half a million asteroids. each month it's going to discover about 10,000 asteroids. >> each month? >> yes.
4:47 am
which is more than all other telescopes throughout history have combined to discover. so it will do that every month. >> watch more on former nasa astronaut ed lew and his urgent mission to save planet earth. this sunday on "the next list." ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone)
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welcome back to "starting point." a quick look at some of the top stories this morning. a critical court date this afternoon for george zimmerman, the man accused of killing florida teen trayvon martin. a judge will decide whether to move ahead with a stand your ground hearing in april. if zimmerman's attorneys are successful there and prove he had reasonable belief that his life was in danger, zimmerman could walk out of court a free man. an embarrassing moment on national tv has been turned into a fund-raising opportunity for marco rubio. the florida senator got some negative press for pausing during a state of the union response to take a swig of water. well, now his political action committee, reclaim america, has capitalized and started selling marco rubio water bottles.
4:51 am
it will cost you a $25 donation. >> that's so brilliant. >> that is a very smart move right there. so in honor of valentine's day, google doodle today celebrates george ferris. that's because the inventor of the ferris wheel was born on this date in 1959. it allows viewers to spin the wheel and get two animals who are featured in a romantic but tastefully romantic scene. later this morning the opening bell at the new york stock exchange will be rung by a dog, but not just any dog. not just any ole dog. it's going to be rung by banana joe, a 5-year-old affenpinscher who just won 137th annual westminster kennel club show. listen. >> best in show winner for the 137th westminster kennel club dog show is the affenpinscher. >> but he's so calm when he wins. banana joe is with us.
4:52 am
david frey is back, co-hosted the show the past 24 years. congratulations. >> thank you. >> what was that like? >> it was an unbelievable moment, something that everybody's involved in dog shows like we are just dreams about so when it happens it's unbelievable. undescribable. >> this is the first time an affenpinscher proceed, for many people this is the first time we heard of an affenpinscher breed. why is it a great breed? >> it's a great specimen and great show dog. it has a great charisma in the ring but i'm telling you going around yesterday doing all the media appearances he did, this is constant joe. he's calm and collected and happy and everybody flocks to him and loves being around the dog. >> some people think of little dogs as hyper and yippy but he looks completely calm. >> he's a very sensible dog and this breed has some kind of human-like attitude about it, called the monkey dog, and they just possess a wonderful
4:53 am
personality. they're just very settled and just great to have around. >> why is he called banana joe? john berman was asking this question many times, why is he called banana joe? >> he came from the netherlands and this breed is also known as the monkey dog the theme with the banana came to mind. >> we might want to cover joe's ears but we've talked about this before, terriers, small dogs like banana joe, affenpinschers always seem to win at westminster. how come americanish dogs like labs and golden retrievers seem to not do well. >> he's outraged, david. >> we're all outraged because labs and goldens are wonderful dogs but it happens they haven't won best in show. the terriers have an edge because they were bred to look for trouble, look for vermin and rats so they're always on the edge of their toes and their attitude is it's my world and you're just living in it. the labs and goldens want to be with us all time and so loving
4:54 am
of people it takes that edge away. >> you say banana joe speaks five languages. >> understands five languages. >> he barks in five language, communicates and understands in five languages. >> that's right. >> spanish. >> spanish, english, dutch and german. >> what's the fifth one? >> the language of love. >> french. >> so truly your he n're not ki when you say that. >> he was born in holland so that's the way he was trained i believed, and when he came here, we all speak english but i'm from mexico so i talk to him all the time in spanish, and when i show him, just every day. he liked it, too. >> you're his handler. what does a handler do with a dog like this? what's your role? >> in a way sort of like a housing jockey, you have a dog in the derby, make sure the dog
4:55 am
is in top condition, that he's trained in tiptop shape but also you are like his confidant. you train them, you teach him. his best friend. >> so he is talking to you. you're his confidant. >> what is next for joe? >> retirement. now i guess he'll have a very quiet life and maybe little girlfriends will come his way. >> i have to imagine he's valuable, you joke about that but he's valuable for breeding. >> that's what dog shows are all about, finding the next generation of healthy, happy dogs and the greatest dogs to put into your breeding program and we want more joes out there in family homes sitting on the couch. >> he's so cute. good boy. congratulations to you. >> thank you very much. >> and joe you're so cute. thanks for coming in to visit us. we have to take a short break. still ahead it is almost over for the 4,000 people who have been trapped on that cruise from hell. just a couple hours away from a hot meal, maybe some showers, too. we'll take a look at that ship
4:56 am
from the sky and talk to some moms who had their daughters on board. also a sports world stunner, there's been a shooting at the home of the blade runner, oscar pistorius, his girlfriend a former model, shot dead. ♪
4:57 am
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their way. "starting point" the nightmare almost over, the cruise ship from hell has been trapped in the gulf for days will finally reach shore today. we're live as it inches its way toward land, talking to two mothers who are anxious to greet their young daughters on board. a shocking murder at the home of the olympic bladerunner, oscar pistorius, his girlfriend
5:00 am
shot and killed, unraveling details overhead. new details surrounding the final moments in the dramatic manhunt for christopher dorner. what the people he took hostage are now saying about their terrifying encounter. it will be the world's largest airline, u.s. airways and american airlines will seal the deal, they will merge, what it means for american's survival and for your airfairs. >> it's thursday, february 14th, valentine's day and "starting point" begins right now. welcome, everybody. our team this morning, lou palumbo, retired nassau county police officer, kim mance for "forbes" and mark orwoll from "travel & leisure." we're talking about the nightmare cruise of course the floating lifeless in the gulf of mexico. it's floating its way to the alabama port with the help of
5:01 am
four tugboats. the ship is expected to arrive on land between 7:30 and 8:00 eastern tonight. passengers have been describing the disgusting conditions on board, some saying that the stench is so bad inside that people have been forced to sleep on the deck. kim kerrigan and mary parette are here with us. their daughters ali and rebecca are on board the ship with their dads and waiting at the port for their daughters. ladies, nice to see you. it's been a rough go for you. tell me if you start for me, mary, the last time you spoke to your daughter, what did she have to say? >> the last time, i've only spoke to my daughter one time and that was on monday, about 30 hours after the fire. she was very scared, she called me at work, i pulled my phone into my office and she was very scared, hysterically crying and very, very upset, "mommy i'm so scared, mommy, i don't know what
5:02 am
to do, mommy, i don't know what's going to happen" so while i'm trying to calm her down i'm upset myself, i'm trying to calm her down she says to me that, "mommy i'm so scared i won't ever get to see you again" and hearing that from your daughter, hearing that from any child, me hearing that from my 12-year-old daughter and there's nothing i can do to see to it that she's going to be okay. >> i cannot imagine. >> it's horrible. >> got to be terrible. so kim -- >> i have not talked to her since. >> oh my goodness. >> i'm having an emotional day today so it's kind of rough today. >> i bet it's rough. when was the last time -- >> it is. >> -- you talked to your daughter? did you get a chance to talk to her? how is she doing? >> the last time i talked to her was at the same time rebecca called her mom, about 1:30 on monday and i could hear rebecca talking to her mom crying and i have my daughter just crying, you know, mom, please just come get me, i want to come home,
5:03 am
just come get me mom. it's so hot. i so want to go home, come get me, come see me." that devastating gut-wrenching cry, you know, you want to get to your daughter. >> oh my goodness. >> we're just paralyzed. we cannot do anything, we can't get out there and rescue her. we're waiting and we're at the discretion of when they come in and the weather and everybody who is trying to help, i'm so thankful everybody who is trying to bring them in, you know. we want them back. we want them home today. >> my goodness. >> on land. >> it must be terrible. we're getting word is should be and of course as you know these things change a lot but sometime around 7:30, maybe 8:00 this evening is when that ship will be coming into port. here's what carnival cruiseline's president, jerry cahill said when he held a press conference and basically had an apology. let me play that for you. >> i think it's very important that i apologize to our guests and to their families that have
5:04 am
been affected by this very difficult situation. at carnival our promise to our guests is to provide a great vacation experience and we try very hard to do that all the time. so obviously in this particular case we did not deliver on that promise. >> that might be the understatement of the year. what they've been offering from what we know is a $500 per person compensation, a full refund of the cruise and related travel, a bus ride or chartered flight out of there, and a 15% to 25% discount on a future cruise. when you hear that apology and sort of the list of things that they're offering for compensation, what's your reaction? >> i'm just shaking my head. >> why? >> i cannot imagine that, the horror they have had to deal with, with no food, lines to go to the bathroom, seeing urine and feces sloshing in the halls, sleeping on the floor, nothing to eat, people fighting over
5:05 am
food, $500? what is the emotional, what's the emotional cost? what is she seeing? i don't understand. >> as you're describing that, ladies, lou is on our panel this morning saying he's curious to know if you think your daughters are going to need counseling and who would underwrite that? as you describe some of the terrible things for so long. what are you going to do with your daughters? what's your first thing and will you try to get them someone to talk to about all this? >> well that's correct. we don't know what they've seen. we don't know if they're all line dancing on top of the deck, we don't know what they're watching, we don't know if they're laughing, we don't know if they're huddled up in a corner crying. i know they're wanting to get off that boat. we have no communication. that's what's lacking here. we're going to speak to our daughters, then we're going to see their demeanor, and we're going to just let them talk it
5:06 am
out. i'm sure if they've seen the fighting or what they're describing the conditions on that boat, they're going to need somebody to talk to. they're going to need a professional. and that's just what's so scary is this can scar them -- >> forever. >> -- because we don't know what they've seen, we have no communication. >> what is the supervision with them, soledad? >> the girls i should mention and we've talked about this before, their dads are with them. their dads are close friends so their dads are with them, while their moms are waiting for that ship to steam in. kim and mary thank you for talking with us. good luck, you're breaking my heart, i'm sure it's going to be an emotional day for you. we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. you know, cruise ships, geez, they lift all of those things. what are the implications for this industry? what they're describing is so disgusting and so, you know -- >> this is probably the worst example, but this is not the
5:07 am
first time that we've heard of a cruise ship having problems out at sea. >> and carnival itself. >> and carnival itself. actually from an industry point of view, what i find really telling is the response from carnival. they really are getting out there in front of the cameras and saying, we're sorry. they're saying we're giving full refund. whether it's enough or not is another matter but in years past we've seen airlines and cruise lines saying hey, it's not our fault. they're not doing that now. they're getting out there and saying we're sorry. >> we'll continue to talk about this with victor blackwell, on a boat in mobile bay and of course that is where that ship will be steaming in, and you know i guess it looks like about 11 or 12 hours or so. what are you seeing now, victor?
5:08 am
we're obviously having some technical problems with his connection, as is he in mobile bay on a boat, and we're waiting for the ship to come in exactly that direction, but as we've been told it will be sometime around 7:30 this evening, 8:00 this evening as well. sandra endo is in a helicopter flying above the mouth of mobile bay. sandra, what do you see from where you are? we're told they're 50 miles away from coming into port. >> reporter: that's right, soledad. they're farther out than anticipated at this hour. we're flying just south of the mouth of mobile bay, and we were expecting to see the ship in about an hour or so, but again they're delayed. keep in mind they are moving at only eight knots which is basically nine miles per hour. it's a very tough job they have, four tugboats basically escorting this ship towards this area, and as you mentioned, this
5:09 am
is going to take all day. they're not expected to arrive here until later this evening. according to an official briefed on the plan right now, this ship is 58 nautical miles from the port which again is farther out than anticipated this morning, but we're hovering over the mouth of mobile bay right now, we're expecting to get the first glimpse as carnival's triumph makes its way towards this area, and we are just waiting to see the conditions on board that ship, the passengers who have reportedly been holed up on the upper deck and we are waiting to see how those passengers are holding up on that ship, soledad. >> sandra endo, we're waiting to see it as well. thank you for the update. beget to john berman for other stories making news today. we are getting to hear from some of the victims who survived close encounters with fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner in the hours before he was apparently killed. looks like dorner was hiding for days in an unoccupied resort
5:10 am
condo just steps from a police outpost that was set up to catch him. the unit belonged to karen and jim reynolds. they walked in on dorner and wound up bound and gagged. >> when he jumped out and hollered "stay calm" karen screamed and turned and started running and he ran after her and he caught her about the door. >> on the staircase. and -- >> reporter: sounds like he tried to calm you down. >> yes he did. he was talking to us. >> you could see the big gun sticking up there. >> yeah. he had his gun drawn the whole time. >> so nice to see them in good spirits after what they went through. rick heltebrake came face-to-face with dorner and the end of his gun. listen to him describe being carjacked by the rogue ex-cop. >> i felt endangered as far as knowing what his history was and i had a gun pointed at my head. he said he didn't want to hurt me and i believed him and he wanted me to get out of my truck and walk up the road with my dog
5:11 am
and that's what i did. >> it is almost certain dorner died in a burning cabin tuesday after a shoot-out with police. it could be days before the charred human remains found inside the cabin are positively identified. i want to update you on a breaking news story, deadly shooting at the ohm of oscar pistorius, his girlfriend reeva steenkamp shot multiple times and killed. we received this picture, piceoria leaving the police statio station. we saw him covering his head, pistorius is assisting the police with the investigation. police not yet confirming that the 26-year-old suspect they've charged with murder is pistorius, but we do know that pistorius and his girlfriend were the only two people at home at the time of the shooting and police say there is only one suspect in the case, pistorius is 26 years old. there were previous incidents of domestic nature at that home.
5:12 am
senate majority leader harry reid trying to break up the filibuster, scheduled to end the debate tomorrow. democrats need 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. republican senator rand paul tolder inburnett he takes this is appropriate. >> if they're not going to give us the information the only way to get the information is to threaten to hold them to a higher standard of 60 votes. >> this is fairly unprecedented, a filibuster on a defense nominee, but hagel's nomination is scheduled for a vote tomorrow. this just in to cnn, warren buffett is getting into the ketchup business apparently. buffe buffett's berkshire hath awaway with 3g capital are buying the ketchup maker for the low, low price of $28 billion. lot of ketchup, a big business deal. mayor michael bloomberg set to
5:13 am
unveil his latest green initiative, a war on plastic foam. bloomberg will propose a city wide ban on plastic foam food packaging, in his final state of the city speech, part of an effort to increase the city's recycling rate. the mayor conquered transfats and is fighting against super sized sodas. >> no big shock on that one. >> especially those in the sire foam cups. >> that's a two-fer, you're in big trouble in new york if you do that. lots of questions surrounding how the police handled the final standoff with christopher dorner. did they try to burn him out? former commissioner of the nypb bill bratton will join us next. [ male announcer ] this is bob,
5:14 am
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for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit welcome back. there are lingering questions about what happened in the cabin in the woods where we believe fugitive christopher dorner died. yesterday the sheriff tried to answer the questions did they try to burn dorner out.
5:17 am
here's what he said? >> i can tell you it was not on purpose, we did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get mr. dorner out. >> don't know if the remains in the cabin are dorner's. we don't know how dorner managed to live almost across the street from the command post from what apeeshz to be several days. william bratton, nice to have you with us. >> good morning. >> so many questions gone unanswered. what are the things you think need to be dug into at this point? >> eventually the department as they move the investigation forward and have their answers on their own the sheriff's department will have to speak to the extent of their search, describe what they did, the fact that he appears to have been in that area throughout the whole time. there's answers that are going to be sought certainly by the media and public. >> one of the points on that if we could start with that one
5:18 am
first is the cabin seemed to be literally across the road from the command center and over the weekend they sort of scaled down from 200 to about 25 the number of people who were in the middle of this frantic search. that surprised me it ended up that's where he was and scaled back up again. can you explain what would go into that thinking? it wasn't three weeks in, four weeks in to the search. it was in the early days. >> again it goes in to the extent of the search if they felt and obviously they did that none of the extensive search comprehensively that they were now in a position not having found him, they were to scale back and they were evidencely in the scaling down operation and the cabin, it's a misnomer, when you think of cabin you think of a log cabin. >> right. it's a house. >> he finally ended up it was a house and the first place where it was located was a condominium
5:19 am
development which you showed earlier and your reporter also reported that he did not have a line of sight from his particular unidentity to the command post. lot has been made of the fact the command post was so close but he was not in line of sight to that command post. >> there were reports out of this one l.a. station could you hear apparently by reports "burn it down, burn that g-damn house down" two hours later they lobbed in the smoke canister and a couple minutes after that, according to reports there was one single shot. you heard the sheriff answer the question a lot of people have run with, was this intention to burn a suspect out? >> first story is never the last story, i've learned that in 40 years in the business. the man and woman that were on your show earlier that were held hostage briefly by him, the initial story was two housekeepers, two women had been tied up by him, so there's a
5:20 am
story that changed dramatically in the space of a day. in the terms of what went on during those several hours of the siege, those were issues that the sheriff's department is going to have to speak to at some point in time to explain what exactly occurred there. right now, it's all speculative, you're reporting on an l.a. station's report. >> right. >> you're secondhand information. i'll be giving you thirdhand information. all my information is literally from the media also. >> transparency in all of this is key, right? >> if it's one thing i've learned in my time in policing, you either basically get out in front of the story or the story overwhelms you. right now there is a need for more information, more explanation. the sheriff was very emphatic last evening. he is the chief law enforcement officer, it was his operation that there was not an intent on the part of his department. what needs to be addressed is
5:21 am
the language of a number of the deputies during the course of that operation. also an explanation of the devices which he attempted to give at his press conference last evening that there are different types of projectiles, tear gas projectiles, cold, hot, they are used sequentially oftentimes. cold is a less intense type of burning sensation, if that doesn't work you escalate to hot, and so in terms of the escalation decisions that were made, but we also need to keep in mind this was an incredibly dangerous situation. >> he killed a bunch of people from what we can tell on his way. >> some of the quotes from his manifesto everybody's been talking about. >> i have it right here. >> in terms of the manifesto is so large, a lot of people can't basically wade through it. but just some of these quotes is just very chilling and the officers are well aware of these, self-preservation is no longer important to me. i do not fear death as i died long ago on 1/2/09. i have nothing to lose.
5:22 am
my personal casualty means nothing. you cannot prevail against an enemy combatant who has no fear of death. i have use every training i've been given. he quite clearly was basically fulfilling his manifesto. and the weapons that he was armed with, the .5 caliber barrack rifle he had, armor piercing, that round will go through just about any piece of equipment that the police have, including air armored cars. >> that's amazing. >> that's what he is shooting at the officers with. that round hits you, it causes incredible damage to the human body. that's what those deputies were facing. so in the intensity of it, the language on the radio, that's all going to have to be taken into context in their investigation. >> i think you're right about the transparency, ultimately the questions people want to understand. william bratton so nice to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> we appreciate your time. we have to take a short break. when we come back a young man
5:23 am
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5:26 am
welcome back everybody. trending online a "jeopardy!" teen tournament contestant, leonard cooper, gave what might be the greatest final "jeopardy!" question ever. >> on june 6th, 1944, he said "the eyes of the world are upon you." now we go to leonard cooper, he's looking pretty happy, why? did he come one ike, dwight david eisenhower. >> no, i didn't. >> did you, same gay in normandy but i just won $75,000.
5:27 am
you did indeed. >> he wagered nothing and said who is some guy in normandy. i just won 75,000 grand, gutsy although apparently he could have lost mathematically. when you do the calculations of what the other contestants had, which he bet, he would not know standing there and it was a two-day tournament so you had their totals from the day before it was not exactly clear that he would have won when he wrote that answer, "i just won $75,000" so it makes it gutsier. >> very gutsy. >> i thought it was winston churchill. >> i did, too. >> i didn't have a clue. i would have done his exact answer, too. ahead, tales of sewage in the hallways, no food, few working toilets. will the thousands of people stuck on the cruise ship in the gulf, will they need medical attention when they get to land? dr. sanjay gupta will join us next. and the world's first look at a little boy held in a bunker for six days and what his mother
5:28 am
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welcome back, everybody. the carnival cruise ship triumph is expected to arrive at an alabama port sometime between 7:30 and 8:00 eastern this evening. passengers, though, have been stranded at sea, living under nasty conditions since an engine fire left the ship drifting in the gulf of mexico. heard about a lot of health concerns and those filthy conditions, chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta is in atlanta for us. >> good morning. >> realistically as disgusting as it sounds and people talked about as you know feces in the hallways and really not a lot of food options, running out of just eating sandwiches, and sleeping outside and the smells are disgusting, how medically risky is what they're experiencing? >> despite all that, still medically the risks are pretty
5:32 am
small. people who are already sick have underlying health conditions would be most at risk but from what we're hearing there are some medical capabilities on the ship. they needed antibiotics they probably would have received those things. the outbreaks typically don't happen so the health risk is pretty small here, just mainly misery. >> there was a mom who described how she was going to meet the ship and she was going to bring a bag of antibiotics for her kid and i don't know if she meant like topical antibiotics, or she meant like just an oral antibiotics because she might have been exposed to something. would that be a smart thing to do? >> no, look, i don't think so and i'm a parent so i know there's a compelling nature to want to do anything you can. couple things to keep in mind, first of all they have antibiotics on the ship so if somebody needed them, hopefully
5:33 am
they're already getting them. second thing is you don't want to give prophylactic, mean a antibiotics without infection being diagnosed. it can make people more sick and develop antibiotic resistance. i understand but it's probably not necessary. >> how about psychological trauma? people have been through, certainly those served in war or lived through some kind of war or you've mentioned the folks during hurricane katrina, people who have been through a lot for a lot longer certainly. you hear the moms describe their daughters in hysterics over the phone please come get me out of here. you have to imagine some of these people are going to be traumatized. >> i heard some of that as well and certainly people who have had previous trauma will be most at risk. children and the el dealt people tend to be more resillant.
5:34 am
lack of information can be distre distress. also children look to their adults their parents to see how they're behaving and that directly affects the children's resi resilience as well. some instances brings out the worst in people and others the best. >> for some it has brought out the best, folks that are helpful. >> i wonder if cruise ships would consider reducing the number of passengers to make situations like this a bit more manageable. >> good question. sanj sanjay, appreciate it. you wonder if they had space for equipment you'd be able to drop port-a-potties and supplies in, maybe the weight limits are an issue. we have other stories to cover and john's got that for us. a developing story we're following right now, a deadly shooting at the home of the bladerunner, track superstar osc
5:35 am
osc oscar pistorius, his girlfriend shot and killed. spokesman says he is assisting the police with the investigation, they have no further comments right now. police say a 26-year-old man is in custody, they've charged him with murder. as of right now they're not going to confirm the man is pistorious. pistorious is 26-year-old and he and steenkamp were the only ones in the house at the time of the shooting. police discussing previous domestic issues at the home. >> i can confirm there has previously been incidents at the home of mr. pistorious. [ inaudible question ] allegations of domestic violence. >> we're going to give you an update cnn confirming in fact it is oscar pistorious who has been charged for murder in the death of his girlfriend, ren reeva
5:36 am
steenkamp. mexico's american general says suspects have confessed to attacks, the men allegedly forced their way into a beachhouse rented by women and roughed up seven male companions before raping the women. general john allen may withdraw his nomination to become the supreme allied commander of nato. staff member's written statement indicates he's considering taking a break to reunite with his family or possible retire. general allen spent 19 months directing nato forces against taliban insurgents. last year embarrassing e-mail with campus socialite jill kelley came to light in the sex scandal involving cia director david petraeus.
5:37 am
conor kennedy and daryl hannah were arrested in a protest demanding the obama administration take concrete action against climate change. the activists chanted "president obama we don't want no climate drama." that was their creative chant. >> wow, and it ended in arrest. new pictures to share with you, a 6-year-old boy from alabama, you'll remember this little boy abducted and held for six days in an underground bunker. he and his mom spent time with the governor, robert bentley and spoke with dr. phil. she said in spite of the smiling photos her son is very aware of what happened to his abductor and also knows what happened to his bus driver, too. erin burnett has the report. >> give me five. i like it. >> nine days after see than was freed from an underground bunker in midland city, alabama, the world is getting the first glimpse of this brave 6 years
5:38 am
old. his mother, jennifer kirkland tells dr. phil the recovery has been difficult. >> he is having a very hard time sleeping soundly. he slings his arms and tosses and turns, and he's cried out a few times. >> in a story that captivated a nation, i had his abductor had d the bus and killed the driver. for six days evan was held underground by dykes in an 8 x 6 bunker. for years neighbors say dykes had beaten a dog to death with a pipe and behaved strangely. kirkland said dykes took surprisingly good care of her son, she told waiting for ethan's return is the hardest thing she's ever been through. >> i wanted to be there. there's not one second of this whole thing i wouldn't have begged that man to let me have ethan and i would have turned around and give him to my
5:39 am
family, and i would have took his place at any moment, any second had i been allowed to. >> for almost a week police and fbi officials tried to convince dykes to let ethan go free but they ended up storming the bunker in a daring rescue february 4. >> you see mr. dykes shot and killed. >> he absolutely did. he seen the army came in and shot the bad man. >> ethan who played quietly with his toys as his mother spoke to dr. phil says little about what happened in the harrowing days. when dr. phil asked him how he gets to school, here's what he whispered to his mother. >> mom. my bus driver is dead. >> kirkland has forgiven dykes and is ready to move on, devoting all of her attention to protecting ethan. >> how are you coping with all of this? >> i'm not sure yet. i've been so busy trying to make sure he's okay first. i'm basing it on how he's doing.
5:40 am
if he's doing okay today, then i'm fine. >> i want to bring in patricia saunders, a clinical forensic psychologist. thanks for talking with us. you look at this little boy, looks good, playing quietly. it breaks your heart he whispers to his mom "my bus driver is dead" you and you realize he has a sense of what happened. what can you tell from that how he is processing all of this? >> it's kind of hard to tell how an autistic child or a kid with asperger's syndrome processes these kinds of experiences. it's not that dissimilar from the way anormal kid. it looks like he's having acute stress syndrome. that behavior suggests he's frightened and the only person he feels safe with is his mom. she also reported that he's having nightmares, thrashing, screaming in his sleep, won't go near a bus and he has an exaggerated startled response which is one of the signs we see in acute stress syndrome.
5:41 am
i want to stress that that's a normal reaction. >> but she talks in her interview with dr. phil, she said that she hasn't really asked him about what's happened in the bunker, that she's been kind of hands off on all of this. is thathe right strategy? >> yes, i think it is. our job as grownups is to just communicate to kids that we're there to protect them and help them feel safe, to take the lead from the child. i think she needs to say in words, she certainly is showing it in deeds, that he will be protected. he will be safe. of course we can't promise that, but kids his age need to hear that. >> she seemed wonderful. i mean she was talking, you really got the sense that she just is so involved in really trying to protect him and take care of him. she even talked about how she would have offered herself if it were possible to do and she told dr. phil that she had forgiven jimmy lee dykes, which i thought was interesting. i don't know that i could do
5:42 am
that. >> i have a 13-year-old autistic son and it's taken him sometimes years to process things, and he'll say, mommy, do you remember when you were wearing a red shirt and there was a wreath behind your head and you said this and that and i have no idea what he was talking about but he will process it much, much later so maybe that could be happening at the same time here. he's not processing it quite real time. >> i wonder if that's a good thing or if that's a bad thing, if the processing of it is slowing it down and letting him get back into his routine with his mom. is that a good thing over time or -- >> i think he's probably also taking in everything that's happening with somebody interviewing him right in front of a camera. >> what do you think about that, the fact this has become a media event and how is this going to affect the little boy? >> it depends on how tuned in he is to social interaction, which is one of the problems with kids on the autistic spectrum. i'm pretty conservative when it
5:43 am
comes to working with kids and trauma, and i would say no more media, please. >> right. >> i'm with you. i wonder if the other children that were on the bus with him when the bus driver was murdered. >> my goodness, right. >> if anybody's attended to these children. this little boy has been the focus of a lot of attention and rightly so, but there are other children, the same comment he made other young children experienced the bus driver being murdered. >> he's seen two people killed, the bus driver in front of him and of course when they went in to get the suspect and take him out. what does that look like down the road? is that a ten-year recovery? he has the possibility of being fine? >> he has a possibility of being fine and functional, but he will never forget. these memories don't decay, the way you were describing your autistic son with an almost photographic memory. traumatic memory is processed by a different system in the brain and it has a photographic quality. your point about what about the
5:44 am
other kids. >> i have another question also, doctor, about the quality of care he's going to get there, no disrespect to anybody in alabama, but the quality of psychiatric care and counseling in new york city is significantly different than it is in other parts of our country. i would think you'd want to take the young boy to the best people you could find along with the other children on the school bus. >> couldn't agree with you more. you need a specialist and child psychology, psychiatry and trauma, and to call in someone who is a developmental specialist. >> hopefully all that is being offered and if not, brought in if they need any, if they're lacking for any people to help them out, that that's being offered from around the country. patricia saunders nice to have you with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. ahead $11 billion deal to merge american and u.s. airways and create the world's largest airline. we'll tell you why it probably won't raise your ticket prices. for nearly 40 years he's been ting to get us in shape.
5:45 am
richard simmons has a new program he says it will help you on the journey to lose weight. >> just say i can do it! [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones! well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks."
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your accent needs a little work.
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minding your business, the new report from fidelity says
5:48 am
401(k) balances hit a record high last quarter, thank an improving stock market for that. today futures are lower even though new jobless claims dropped by 27,000 last week. there's a deepening recession in europe, a lot of people talking about that this morning. the u.s. airways and american are merging, an $11 billion deal that would create the world's largest airline. the american headquarters in dallas-ft. worth will stay, u.s. air will maintain its corporate presence in phoenix. here's pictures of the old planes with new signage. experts say it won't lead to higher air fairs but that's likely because there's not a lot of overlap between u.s. airways and american. here's what the situation looks like where they'll be. the deal does have customers left with fewer choices. there will be four major carriers, those four companies fly more than 80% of all passengers. in 2001 there were ten major carriers. the deal still needs regulatory and shareholder approval. after that last big deal that
5:49 am
continental/united deal, we saw 189% spike in customer complaints about things like lost luggage, reservations problems, so there will be lots of things to work out once they do get regulatory approval. >> transitions are always challenging. >> aren't they saying the unions are quite pleased with the unions? >> the bankruptcy judge has to approved it and so does the federal government. ahead he spent decades trying to get americans into shape. richard simmons has a program to help a cause he's passionate about. we have an interview with him straight ahead. you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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for close to 40 years richard simmons has been telling to us keep moving, helps millions to lose weight.
5:53 am
he has a new program calling project hope, stands for health, optimism, passion and energy and i sat down with him, hear him talk about the project and why he is so passionate about it. >> our world has no hope and without hope you can't cope. hope stands for h is for health, o is for optimism, p is for passion, and e is for energy. there are so many stupid diets out there, things you sprinkle on food, drinks that say you're going to lose weight, you know, ten pounds a week. we're very gullible, but today it's 2013 and we should know better. >> how is h.o.p.e. different than what you've had before? >> i knew that god made six food groups, fruits, vegetables, dairy, fat, protein and starch. i know you need some of it in the right portions unless you're a diabetic with the sugars but basically it's portions of food, and today people starve, the one meal a day, they drink the
5:54 am
liquid shakes and all of that, but what my program, it is just love yourself, move your body and watch your portions. >> you make it sound so simple. if you think the number of americans who struggle with their weight. you describe it six food groups and you basically have to move your body. it doesn't sound so hard. why are we an obese nation? >> because we have low self-worth. 20 years ago, a teacher could have said something to you or your grandmother said you're not pretty enough or somebody at work made fun of you, and it's like a reel in your head and those words keep going over and over, and then you don't believe in yourself, and you don't think you're good enough, and then you take food and stuff it down to hide your emotions. >> why is this so personally moving to you? you're crying practically, and you're a success. you're a wildly successful. >> it's not about me.
5:55 am
i call and e-mail thousands of people every week, even if i've known them 20 years, and they're not doing well, i always think that maybe after a phone call when i sing them a song, that maybe they'll turn it around. i take it personal. >> why? i why? >> i wish i could tell you why. it's just like i see my head on their bodies and i suffer their pain. >> how can your exercise and food program help what you're describing is a psychological dilemma? >> because they're going to see real people that have lost weight. people come in all shapes and sizes and there's no scales at the gates of heaven, but on this earth, it's not just about you and your health. it's about being a good example to your children. we have obese children and we have obese teens that get bullied and some commit suicide. we have young adults who really
5:56 am
don't even know what they want to do. so it's my job as court jester to call them, to travel, to raise money for breast cancer, or bullying, anti-bullying, whatever, for me to make a difference, and for me to say hey, you can turn this around. i'm still a compulsive eater. i'm not going to lie to you. i have a hard time traveling. you open up that appetizer menu and its nachos and buffalo wings and i want it all. sometimes i just lick the page, plus how does richard simmons order, hey, yeah, it's me. i'd like the caquesadilla with e smoked chicken and nacho platter and buffalo wings with extra bleu cheese. >> he can't order that. he takes in a lot of pain from other people. it was a really interesting interview, he's made gagillions
5:57 am
of body. >> the image of his head on everyone's body is disturbing. >> he's helped a lot of people. >> he has indeed. >> we're back in just a moment. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
5:58 am
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